We offer top-quality in-house professional trainings, in a wide range of areas that offer corporate developmental skills to your staff. Our training programmes are delivered by thought leaders who also have outstanding training skills.

Our extensive network means that we have a choice of trainers to offer for all of these subjects, partly to ensure the best ‘fit’ between trainer and client and partly so that we can research large-scale ‘rollout’ programmes when required.

Generally, we send the trainer to train up a group of people on the premises of your company.

We offer a unique approach to coaching and mentoring, operating at both individual and organizational levels.

Areas of focus (training in):

  • Leadership, management and personal effectiveness
  • Learning and development
  • Project management
  • Retail, hospitality and leisure
  • Sales
  • Specialist
  • Commercial
  • Customer service
  • Director / corporate governance
  • Facilities management
  • Finance
  • Health and safety
  • HR and employment law
  • IT