Women Leadership in HealthCare Summit, 2019.

Women Leadership in HealthCare Summit, 2019.

Prague, Czech Republic


After a successful launch in 2018. Euroverge, carefully selected topics for the next edition.

Which intended at delivering impactful objectives in partnership with superb keynote speakers from among the first edition speakers across various companies. The programme is designed to help Women professionals release their potential by:

                                         *Developing leadership skills
                                         *Increasing career opportunities
                                         *Gaining the knowledge and skills to be a true leader

                                         *Tapping into your life experience and applying that in your leadership

                                         *Building your personal brand

                                         *Overcoming stereotype assumption about gender in business

                                         *Importance of social networking among co-workers

This unique Euroverge programme was introduced to help professionals in healthcare to developed support of each other in improving leadership skills as their responsibilities and career potential increase.
By offering an exclusive 2-day programme of leadership development through a keynote speech, workshop, interactive panel discussion, Business networking.
Euroverge will provide its high fliers with the post-event materials to keep knowledge and skills they have gained to become tomorrow’s true leaders.
Expressions of Interest are now invited to secure their place at 2019 Women Leadership in HealthCare Summit which schedules to take place on the 26 – 27 Sep. 2019.

Sarah Rickwood

Vice President, European Thought Leadership@IQVIA

Dr. Deborah A. O’Neil

Chief Executive & Scientific Officer @NovaBiotics

Dr. Carla Wandt

Global Head Product Development Quality@Roche

Dr. Gemma Casadevall

Chief Scientific Office MEDICHEM

Dr. Bettina Bauer

Managing Director@Merck

Isabel Afonso

MD&Head International@Performance Health {TBC}

Gabriele Grom

Associate Vice President @MSD

Alison Lowe

Chief Executive@Touchstone LGBT Champion

Dr. Nuria Lorite-Ayán

Founder and Manager Director@Biloba

Anna Holefors PhD

CEO and Founder @InVitro Plant Tech

Dr. Martina Muttke

Senior Industry Expert for healthcare. Formal Head of International Medical Affairs@Shire International

Virginia Lee Acha,PhD,MSc

Executive Director Global Regulatory Policy@MSD

Nawal Ouzren

CEO and Director@SENSORION; Director@France Biotech Board {TBC}

Katja Lundell

Senior Director & Head of UK, Ireland and Nordics cluster @Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

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