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Order-to-Cash (O2C) department needs vary by industry, size and many other factors. Managing an efficient O2C cycle is of utmost importance to corporates today, having difficulties with creating the correct orders and managing the process. In order to create a world-class structure, the strategy within the department must reach beyond the business processes.

This two-day conference, which provides a comprehensive look into the elements of a high-performing O2C, A/R and Credit departments has high ROI. The summit is designed to help executives assess their current order-to-cash and credit control challenges and develop a framework for action that converts these challenges into top and bottom line growth. The conference features sessions that balances a mixture of subject matter expertise, peer-to-peer experience, and credit industry solution providers in a safe, facilitated setting that gives attendees an opportunity to identify problems and formulate solutions that can be taken back to the office.

It has been designed to help you evaluate your department’s processes and ideas on how to implement processes and technology that boosts organization’s efficiency and productivity. Attending the conference will provide you valuable and relevant training to help you improve your expertise.

There is no substitute for the value of sharing real-world experiences with peers outside your company and outside your industry.

What is your current approach for credit control, order-to-cash and AR?

Join your peers’ across-industry, in November, in Berlin, to learned and implement exciting new practices that would boost your organization’s profitability.

Key Learning Points

  • Gain Expertise From Careful Selected Topic Presentations, Workshops, And Special Features
  • Learn How Innovative O2C / AR And Credit Departments Are Raising Productivity, Improving Operations, And Lowering Costs
  • Find Out “3 Things High Performing Credit Management Teams Do Well!” (Experiences from the CICM Best Practice Network of 57 CICMQ Accredited Organisations)
  • Acquire Key Skills And Get Roadmaps To Improving Automation, Reducing DSO, O2C Processes, Credit Control And More
  • O2C And Credit Control Professionals From Across Leading Corporations, Across The Country Share Proven Strategies To Improve Efficiency And Solutions To The Toughest Challenges

“This is a VERY different presentation from any others I have seen giving a different perspective to performance improvement in Credit Management Teams”

Chris Sanders- Head of Accreditation – CICMQ (Keynote speaker and chairman #O2C&AR ,,016”) !

Who should attend

This cross-industry summit is designed for all CEO, COO, CFO, VP, Managing directors, Directors, Heads, Leads, Managers, Associates, Professionals, Senior executive with responsibilities in an array of area, including:

  • OTC process
  • AR Process
  • BPO
  • Process Owners
  • Process Experts
  • Supply Planning & Distribution
  • Customer service
  • Sales Operations & eCommerce
  • Finance
  • Financial Shared Services
  • Treasury
  • Procurement
  • Business Partner
  • Order Processing
  • Credit Managements
  • Risk Managements
  • Billing
  • Cash managements
  • Collections
  • Sales
  • Internal Controls
  • Audits
  • Accounting, Records & Regulation
  • Automation
  • Business analysis
  • IT

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