Football Analytics and Performance Evaluation Summit

Football Analytics and Performance Evaluation Summit

Munich, Germany


We are honored to invite you to the “The Science of Football: Football Analytics and Performance Evaluation Summit – Using Scientific Knowledge to Improve Performance in Football’’. This strategic event will enable participants to learn current practices in data, video, and performance analysis with additional emphasis on football psychology.

Data analysis in modern football has become an integral part of the most popular game in the world, hence the analysis of how football teams perform is being used by all football teams to gain competitive advantage over opponents.

At the Football Analytics and Performance Summit, expert speakers will take delegates through the modern trends in football analytics.
Join many other experts like yourself in this strategic summit to expand your potentials.

Look forward to welcoming you at the event in Munich.

Key Learning Points

  • How Technology and Software Companies are Revolutionizing Football
  • An applied approach to Sports Analytics within Football – Performance and Development
  • A framework of game understanding around penetration methods
  • Match Analysis in a Professional Football Club: From analysis to application
  • Understand the psychology in football
  • How nutrition affects athletic performance

Who should attend

  • Performance Analysts
  • Match analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Video Analysts
  • Sports Directors
  • Opposite Team Analysts
  • Sport Scientists
  • Heads of Scouting
  • Technical Directors
  • Dietitians
  • Football Psychologists
  • Coaches

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