Food Contact Regulation Summit 2018.

Food Contact Regulation Summit 2018.




We are pleased to welcome you at Food Contact Regulation Summit 9th – 10th Aug. 2018. Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Companies today are operating in an environment where the pace of technology-driven change and innovation cycles is faster than ever before.

In order to be successful, companies must stay up to date on the regulations and developments finding effective ways of incorporating innovations and new technologies into their own products or services.

Partners with external suppliers have to understand the safety regulatory measure to become a vital source of maintaining the competitive advantage.

However, high-quality product components or service solutions and therefore are should be able to fully exploit the potential of their innovations.

We believe that Food Contact Regulation Summit provides a very platform and business model for successful cooperation between companies.

Our high profile speakers will educate, while sharing their experiences, through the interactive workshop, case studies, and Panel discussion during the summit. We are looking forward to you becoming part of power packed event.

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